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This upgrade allows you to record the situtations in the market using screenshots. Make a picture of a chart, save it as .jpg or .png file and add it to your trade record in QuantSense. You can describe the screenshot by date and time, which is by default taken from the date and time the file was created and can be rewritten by user. You can add a text note to the screenshot. QuantSense supports any number of screenshots for a trade so you can record the situations in the market before you have opened the trade, during the time you were in the position and even after you have closed the position.

If you own Premuim or Unlimited Accounts upgrade when making a backup of your data, screenshots are exported too. For this reason there is a new file format for data backup since version 1.8.1 (a .zqs file). Of course, QuantSense is still compatible with older (.qxd) files which can be imported into the app as well.