Unlimited accounts

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Data backup/recovery feature added to this upgrade in v1.5.1

Free version of QuantSense allows you to have at most two accounts. There is no limit on number of trades in an account. If two accounts is not enough for you this upgrade allows you to have any number of accounts you need. In addition to this you will get the following functions.

  • Copy trade. In 'Trades' screen you can select one or more trades from one account and copy them to another account.
  • Move trade. The same as 'Copy' except for that moved trades are deleted from the original account.
  • Data backup/export. In the 'App Settings' screen you can export all your data to a file and archive it as a backup.
  • Data import In the 'App settings' screen you can import a backup file into the app.

This upgrade is suitable for those traders who need to analyse and compare trading results of more traders, bots or optimize and compare more trading strategies in parallel. Probably the best philosophy is to create one account for every trader, trading bot and tested strategy. Consequently, you can check and see how they can work together in any combination.